Carnivore Diet – Report #1

IMG_20180813_154548I’ve tried Paleo, Keto, Atkins, 4 Hour Body.  They all eventually fail for one reason.  Too hard, too much work, I’m still hungry.  I came across a Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker  (the first hour is great, the rest not so much) and the Carnivore Diet.  Basically you eat Meat, maybe a little cheese, and drink water.  That’s it.  No counting Macros.  No counting calories.  No checking some magic list of acceptable vegetables.  Basically, if it comes from a animal and doesn’t have added ingredients, your good to go.  Eat as much meat as you want.  So I started last Monday 8/13/2008.  I didn’t take exact measurements for everything, which is turning out to be better for me personally because I’m not constantly checking everyday “what changed” as I’ve done in the past.


I started at 250 pounds and I’m now down to 235 pounds.  Holy Shit, 15 lbs in 8 days!  To be perfectly fair, I’ve had this kind of weight loss on Atkins / 4 Hour Body before.  The week prior I ate / drank as bad as I’ve ever done before., and almost no workouts. I probably gained 5+ lbs.

Score: A+

Things I’m Eating

  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Flank Steaks
  • Eggs
  • Cheese Blocks
  • Summer Sausages
  • Spicy Italian Sausages
  • Bacon
  • A little lunch meat
  • A little fish
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • 1 zero calorie energy drink during workout (Rockstar)

I’m at the point I can eat 2 meals with a small snack and not think about food.  It’s liberating.

Score: A+ (I’ve always loved meat)


I try to do 3 -5 days a week of lifting.  I usually pick two muscle groups and lift for 45 – 60 minutes.  At first my workouts SUCKED.  Not that I was tired just couldn’t lift normal weight amounts.  I’ve added back in my zero calorie energy drink (Rockstar) and I seem to be back to normal.

Score: C


Normal to better.  I’m drinking so much more water now and at first I had to use the restroom so much more.  That has leveled off.

Score: C


I read all the people saying how much better they feel on this lifestyle.  I had my doubts.  I feel amazing.  I’m mostly not hungry.  I feel like I have lots of energy.  My mind feels sharp.

I went thru a brief period of a dull headache early on.  I could feel the lack of euphoria from eating carbs and sugar.  That lasted 2/3 days.  I’ve experienced that before.  After getting over that hump, I feel so much more balanced.

Score: A+


I had one bad day – day 6.  I knew it was going to be a bad day early on.  I have no idea why.  I ended up eating more meat that day as a result I think but never broke.. I did have a diet coke on day 8.  I just wanted one, it was kind of random. The rest of the days I have not been an issue at all.

Score: B

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Daily Life #558

IMG_20160728_192311Grammarly – where was this when I was in school. – Sales lead dripped to you Pandora style, we’ll see if it’s what they say they are.

ListenLoop – Account Based Marketing for mid tier. – Seapine’s Life Science Solution has it’s own site

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Daily Life #557

Daily Tools I UseIMG_20160813_104655

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Generis American Medical Device Summit

The American Medical Device Summit, composed by the Generis will occur from fifth October to the sixth October 2016 at The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Hotel in Chicago, United States Of America. The meeting will unites creative, energizing and auspicious substance conveyed by today’s top personalities inside the Medical Device Industry.

The American Medical Device Summit sets the standard on how the business ought to associate and trade thoughts. Join the examination with more than 150 industry peers as we investigate the difficulties and open doors in item advancement, quality administration, rate to commercialization and assembling. Hear direct contextual analyses and leave with key experiences to streamline forms, diminish costs and stay consistent in a continually advancing environment. This September we urge you to go along with us for two days of provocative substance and uncommon systems administration at the 2016 American Medical Device Summit.

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Daily Life #555

Plan for the week:

Monday – P90x Push up, Back.  Insanity Cardio

Tuesday – Leg Day

Wednesday – Insanity Plyometric

Thursday – Beach Body Bulk Arms

Friday – Insanity Cardio Power

Breakfast – Eggs & Sausage

Lunch – Turkey, Salad, Beans

Dinner – ???

Water – 8 glasses, 4 with lemon

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Daily Life #502

Going to Kentucky Lake this weekend, going to give RoadTrippers a shot.  To disclose I have several former colleague and friends who work there.  I gave them a half hearted shot when they very first started but quickly gave up.  This should be a true test / review.  I’ll be brutally honest, good or bad as I see it from a usability/reliability/experience.



CGI on AMC Shows so Bad

Occupational History of Congress

Millions Lines of Code


4 Hour Body

Breakfast Summary: Eggs, Turkey Sausage

Lunch Summary: Baked Chicken, Chipotle Bowls (no rice, no dairy)

Dinner Summary: Meatloaf, Baked Chicken, Ham & Green Beans

Dessert: Ran out of Carb Smart Ice Cream (a good thing)

Workout: Insanity x 2, ~30 minute arms/shoulders x 2.

Results: 2 inches lost in 3 weeks.  A full 15 lbs drop in 3 weeks.

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Daily Life Report #501

Daily Status

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of turkey sausage, tomatoes

Snack:  Unsalted Macadamia Nuts

Lunch: Chipotle bowl, lettuce, black beans,  chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes, vinaigrette dressing

Dinner: Meat loaf, Brussel sprouts, broccoli

Dessert: Carb friendly ice cream

Workout: Basketball in the morning

Overall: C. Some observations: The low carb ice cream is killing me.  Need to get it out of the house, because I’m able to rationalize its OK every night.  I’ve been using soy creamer in my coffee, after further research soy is a No No. Also looking into how much is too much with the workouts.


What’s Interesting

Article on one man’s fitness story, scientific, in depth, very very good.

Arnold says we only need 6 hours of sleep

SilverReader as Google Reader replacement

7 Minute Workout

Bad Ass Wallet gets you out of ticket

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