12 Truths about Google

This took longer then it should, but someone finally realized Google funds terrorist. Here is the truth about the Google corporation.

  1. They are an Advertisement company 100%

  2. They have no shame about selling ads on anyones site about anything, including terrorism, kiddie porn, and crack sites

  3. Google wants to decide what laws they want to help enforce, they are against slander against gays, but for kiddie porn

  4. Their site advertisement is a scam (yes, the Google ads on my site are worthless). Advertisers who pay for these must be idots

  5. Their Adwords (ads on google.com) are slowly following this trend, a few years ago ROI on these were acceptable, this is happening less and less

  6. Google only wants some fraud PPC, they make money on fraud clicks but they don’t want too much to drive away the advertisers

  7. People who do SEO are in cahoots with Google, Google helps them make a living and they keep hush about these truths

  8. Their search engine hasn’t gotten better in a few years, why? – See #1

  9. Google does good things for the Open Source community, but I bet they get sued real soon for not following the GPL. Most of the software uses GPL but where is the source code they are required to release to the public?

  10. They dislike in order: Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon

  11. They like in order: Yahoo!, Apple, AMD

  12. Google stock, Google Advertisements, and Google itself is a bubble that will burst. Google has a place but right now they are too big and going in the wrong direction.


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7 thoughts on “12 Truths about Google

  1. azhar says:

    Ur Article is waste, U dont have any thing to write in praise of GOOGLE.
    Just read THE GOOGLE STORY BOOK. Then u will know how hard the
    google worked to secure such a top place in IT

  2. Tim says:

    I have a lot of respect for the Google people & their applications they have started to turn out (Gmail for example), but this is a critic of what they are starting to do wrong. Nothing personal.

    - Tim

  3. Tyler says:

    Hey Tyler here. You seem to be bashing Google a lot. That’s some what hypocritical of you, look you’re letting them advertise for you. Or did you do this for the extremes. Just kidding nice site though. Not the most
    attractive interface. For a low cost ill fix it up a little. ;)

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