4 Hour Body / Paleo Diet Combination

It’s been a long time since I posted GREAT content.  That is going to change, starting today, I’m posting progress on my 4 hour body/ paleo diet.  I’ve done my research and like some out of each of these thinkings, sprinkled in with my own workout philosophy.

4 Hour Body

Likes: Motivation, Lentils, Low Carb, No Diary, Supplements, Cheat Day, No Fruit

Dislikes: Workout plan

Paleo Diet

Likes: Eating Organic, Low Carb, No Diary

Dislikes: No Lentils, Fruit

Overall My Plan

No Sugar, No Diary, No Fruit, Lentils are good, Supplements, Cheat Day, Avoid anything out of box.  P90X on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Insanity on Tuesday & Thursday.

Meal Plan

Breakfast: A choice of: Eggs (combination of regular eggs and egg white).  Black beans, Spinach, Bacon, Sausage.

Lunch: A choice of: Homemade Chili, Salad with minimal salad dressing, Chipotle Burrito Bowl (beans, chicken, tomatoe, hot salsa, guacamole)

Dinner: Meat, Salad, Beans.

Workout Plan

Monday: choice of P90X chest day (~200 pushup) & (~100 heavy pants) OR deck of card pushups.

Tuesday: Basketball OR Insanity Pure Cardio

Wednesday: P90x Biceps & Back OR Biceps Drop Sets for ~30 minutes

Thursday: Basketball OR Pick Insanity Video

Friday: P90X shoulders OR shoulder/triceps zero rest workout ~30 minutes


Green Tea x 2 a day, Regular Men’s Vitamin x 1 day, Garlic x 1 a day, Omega 3 x 1 a day, Amino Acid  x 1 a day.


A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at tboland@gmail.com

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