5 year old, whisky, & football

How in the world do these 3 thing things relate?  It’s not easy but let me share with you the best conversation I’ve had in while.

So last night my 5 year old, Nick, and I are watching the Lakers survive a comeback attempt by the Rockets.  Nick always wants to know whom I’m "Yeahing for".  We also use the game to keep up on his numbers, who has more, less, how much by-it’s a good way to keep him sharp and for me to get my NBA fix.  Anyway’s, they flash some highlights of a Timber Wolves game and Nick belts out "Hey is that the whiskies team I saw play".  Ahh, maybe I heard that wrong, repeat.  Oh yeah, he said whiskies.  "Duh, Dad, I went to the football game last week with Grandpa, UC was playing the Whiskies."  Not Whiskies I pointed out to him, they played the Connecticut Huskies.

I laughed for a good bit over that one.


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