A Wiki For Life?

I’m a big fan of using wikis in the workplace (In fact I was part of a team that got Proctor and Gamble to start using Wiki’s for their Metamucil team back in 2003 when no one had heard of Wikis). Mike Wilson pushed wikis on me back then and I have never looked back. Our IT team uses one with a passion. Today while I was going over my “to do” list I realized that a personal wiki for everything me, would be perfect. I know Scott Hanselman pimped TiddlyWiki so I am giving it a try. I have three sections – MyIT, MyMarketing, MyLife (I believe Tiddly uses camel case, which is old school wiki style I love). It’s set as my default page on my browser. I’ll report back on if this works out.



A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at tboland@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “A Wiki For Life?

  1. I’ve been reading most of your posts. I’ve noticed a trend; you hate
    google. Why do you have them pay for your site then? People reading
    this are thinking, “Wow what a real bone-head, talking trash about
    one of the greatest browsers and even uses it!” Nice post about me by
    they way.

    P.S. – You have a flaw in your html or css whatever you use in your
    text form (Doesn’t automatically go to the next line) more than happy
    to give you some advice, by the way thanks for you help today!


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