Adding a Confirm Javascript PopUp to a ASP.NET GridView

The more and more I use the GridView control, the more I end up writing my own

rather then using the DataBound columns because of the additional flexiblity you get when writing your own templates.

This time I ended up writing my own TemplateField because I need to add a confirm pop up to basically a “delete” command (it didn’t really delete the database record but in fact flagged it as a different type)… but you get the idea where this might come in handy. After all you don’t want users calling saying “Yeah, I just deleted something I didn’t mean to”. Instead you want to pop up a javascript box with a “Do you really want to do this…because I am not fixing it again!”

Unfortunetly the

doesn’t offer you an


event, so this is my work around.

Here is the basic Javascript code to pop up a confirm button.


      function confirmSubmit() {

      var agree=confirm(“Do you really want to mark this prospect as in the database?”);

      if (agree)

       return true ;


       return false ;



Now in your GridView->Column Tag add a

and your onClientClick attribute. This will call your Javascript function above and display a confirm popup to your users. You also must define a onClick event that points to a function that you will need to create for the server side processing of this request.



        <asp:Button ID=”btnCustomerExist”

        text=”customer exist”



        OnClientClick=”return confirmSubmit()”

        Width=”100″ />



If the user clicks “OK” on the popup, you will need to handle the server side processing. I tend to write my own Data Access layer to handle Selects and Deletes so for me it is pretty straight forward from here, I call a function and pass in the unique id from the database.

Public Sub CustomerAlreadyExist(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

        Dim ProspectID As Int32


        Dim btnRemoveProspect As Button = CType(sender, Button)

        Dim grdRow As GridViewRow = CType(btnRemoveProspect.Parent.Parent, GridViewRow)

        ‘Get ID

        ProspectID = grdRow.Cells(0).Text

        ‘Instant Class

        myAddProspect = New AddProspect()

        ‘Removes from Prospect Table


        ‘Refresh Gridview

        Page_Load(sender, e)

    End Sub

The End Result

Of course this won’t stop everyone from accidentally deleting users but it will stop 9/10.


A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at

427 thoughts on “Adding a Confirm Javascript PopUp to a ASP.NET GridView

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