Amazon S3 for Backups

I’m really looking forward to Google’s version of S3, Google tends to do things better plus free ;).    Until then I’m going with Amazon S3 for my personal backup strategy.  Right now I have a media PC with a 100 Gig hard drive, that is mirrored that serves this purpose but we really don’t use it enough to justifying it running all the time.  Plus in the bigger picture of things, this just fills my life with more work that I don’t want to do. 

  • A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools – Mostly these are tools that work via Linux/OS X
  • elastic8 – A nice list of these tools
  • S3Fox – Firefox plugin – I’m probably going to be using this for my ad hoc client
  • S3Drive – Provides a drive on your my computer that is your Amazon storage
  • S3Browse – Uses a web interface to interact with your S3 storage.
  • PutPlace – Promises to publish to S3, Flicker, etc… Still in beta
  • Jungle Disk – Looks to be the premier paid software to give WebDAV support.
  • I really like ideas with tagging but it looks to new for me to rely on.
My Setup

I’m looking for a way to automate backups of certain folders at certain times, tag folders so I can search later on, an ad hoc way to get files.  I’m looking to backup source code files, pictures, and important documents.  For now I think I’m going with S3Fox until I find something more automated and with tagging/searching.


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