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I had a vision today when signing up for Amazon S3.  Here is the background: Amazon s3 is great, cheap storage, API, scalable, reliable, accessible from anywhere (Internet capable), etc… I plan on using it for my personal backup center putting things like my personal source code library, photos, & important documents. I get everything a enterprise company gets but at my rate.  Great.

The one thing I’m dreading is maintaining folders.  Lets be frank, directories/folders are anything but proficient compared to say search.  That’s why Google beat Yahoo!.  Yahoo! was a directory, you had to drill down to find results where as for Google you searched for them. Yahoo! later changed to be a search engine but people are starting to forget the thing was directory of links, users would submit links and Yahoo! people would categorize (not so automated would you say?) 

So for Amazon S3, I’m going to have act like I work at Yahoo! back in the day, this is going to suck big time.  That’s when the revelation hit me. 

What if I could point Google or even better Koders/Krugle at my directory and search it?  That would rock except some things I don’t want public BUT I still want it searchable just by me. 

I already have my personal backup center in Amazon S3 now I need my personal search engine. I could easily write something that populates a simple html page with a directory listing of all the files I have stored/want indexed.  I would then want to login to koders to search for code/files/documents etc….


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  1. Darren says:


    You’ve been reading our minds. Koders Pro beta is almost ready for primetime. It can index your private code repositories from your local and network filesystem as well as subversion and CVS. I’m not sure we validated against any S3 specific implementations, but we’d love to hear how your setup works for you and your team. Here’s the link to signup for the beta:

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