Daily Find #120

LinkedIn Architecture

ASP.NET 4.0 & VS 10 – Talk given at Mix 09 about these two

HTML Color OneBox – Google a hex color value and it’ll show you what it looks like

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Daily Find #119

I am alive!  Hoping to return to a daily find next week. Stay tuned.

http://www.datejs.com/ – Gives you RTM type of date handling

Masked Input Plugin – Jquery plugin to mask data input, very nice.

Asp.Net Control Panel Control – Great idea

.NET Developer Survey Results

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Daily Find #118

Charles – Http watcher similar to Fiddler

AMY Editor – online source code editor based off of textmate, very cool

Mozilla Bespin – Online code editor

Microsoft offers $250K for Conficker virus creator – Was it you?  Email me if so :)

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Daily Find #117

In honor of Steve Jobs stepping down, I’ll call this the Mac OS X Server edition.

Optimizing an Xserve for Web Hosting – Been there done that.

Macos-x-server.com – wiki full of info not found many other places.

Apple Server Discussion Group – If you must ask a question

Mac OS X Manual Pages – Boy do I wish I would have found this resource earlier

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2008 Goals in Review

Thought I would jot down my 2008 tech goals in reviews.  I’ll be putting my 2009 list shortly.image

Learn MVCAccomplished.  I started down the asp.net mvc route but after a short bit realized I didn’t want to learn beta technology that would be a moving target on top of learning mvc.  I then went down the ruby on rails route but again I was learning 2 things at once and ended up settling on CodeIgniter MVC framework for PHP. I really enjoyed learning CI and mvc and made doing PHP much more bearable and actually enjoyable again!  I can’t imagine writing PHP without a mvc framework and hopefully it will make learning asp.net mvc or ruby on rails that much easier since I now understand the mvc concept pretty well.

Get Microsoft CertifiedAccomplished.  Passed the MCTS 70-536 exam test. Learned/memorized some new things but frankly I think I’ve already forgotten alot of it.  It was worth it though.

Actively Post to this BlogAccomplished.  I’m going to say “mission accomplished”.  The daily find never was daily and really was never meant to be.  It’s just a name and besides I do have real work to do besides finding the best web stuff for my readers, the 2 of you ;)

Learn LINQAccomplished.  Big fan of linq and grudge when I’m working on an older application that uses plain sql strings.

Learn RubyFail.  Really epic fail.  Just never got to it.  This is one of my top goals for 2009.

Learn SilverlightFail.  This I don’t feel that bad about.  I’ve never been keen on Flash development and silverlight falls under this category for me.  I’m not a great designer so my UI will never be sweet and I don’t see myself using this professionally so, eh… off my list.

Zero Inbox –  Fail. Instead I now depend on search, either in Gmail or outlook 2007 (which is actually not bad).  It’s been working good for me.  Off my list.

Discover New ToolsAccomplished.  This is the the techtoolblog after all :) .  Biggest win tool for the year = BitNami/mRemote.


5 out of 8 is one heck of a batting average in baseball and I’ll take it.

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Daily Find #115

Lunascape – Combines FF/Webkit/IE so you can switch rendering engines.

Trillr source code opened – It’s python

40 Tips for optimizing your php code

Taking a look at PHP 6

Preparing for PHP 6

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Daily Find #114

WordPress 2.7 released

Google Chrome out of beta – Is this google first product out of beta?

jQuery and ASP.NET

IronPython 2.0 released

Twitter build status from cc.net

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Daily Find #113

QA Wizard Pro 2009 released – Really nice automated tester for Web, Windows, and Java Applications

20 Free online wysiwyg editors

Oxite – Microsoft online standards web 2.0 site or something like that

Android Dev Phone Released – Unlocked Android phone for $399

Why Ruby is not my favorite language

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Daily Find #112

SQL Buddy – web based mysql alternative to phpmysqladmin

Zoundry Raven – competitor to Live Writer, but to me not such a great product name

Email Marketing Benchmarks for Small Business – Interesting stats

Browser Page Load Performance

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