Balsamiq Awesomeness

We are building a little something here at work and I needed to throw together a quick UI design before things got heated.  In the past I’ve come across Visio designed application or a mix of visio & photoshop. I found some decent visio stencil sets for web applications but I just wasn’t satisfied with the end result and didn’t want to jump into Photoshop to make things prettier.  I wanted a something simple, that understood I was building a web application, & a low learning curve.  That’s what I found with Balsamiq Mockups.  I highly recommend you give it a try.



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25 thoughts on “Balsamiq Awesomeness

  1. Efraim says:

    I love Balsamiq mockups! Use it almost weekly!
    However, software UI tools don’t seem to solve the ‘first ideas’ or ‘napkin drawings’. For some reason, I can’t bring in software until the idea is a little more clear, since all UI software (incl. Balsamiq) only allow pre-set controls.

    To solve the early stages, I use:
    Very fun magnetic UI widgets for prototyping on a whiteboard. You should try them!

  2. You know i can’t bring in software until the idea is a little more clear. Thank you.

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