Bank of America Horror Story – Part 1

This is my tale of dealing with Bank of America credit card services. Bank of America’s tag line is “Higher Standards”. From an IT and customer services prospective, Bank of America must be measuring against some rather low standards.

On the 20th of every month I get the following email from Bank of America notify me that my credit card statement is ready. Normally I wait until the first of the month to deal with bills, but two months ago (July) I decided to pay right then and save a few dollars on interest.

I log onto their system and schedule a payment to come out that same day., and sure enough it comes out of my checking account. Everything is cool. On the 5th of August I am checking my other online banking accounts and accidentally login into my Bank of America account. I soon remember that I made the payment on 20th of June. However Bank of America shows that I still owe my July payment. How could this be? I dig around online and find they put my June 20th payment towards my June statement, even thought I had made that payment already. That’s odd, but banks do make mistakes and I thought a quick call to customer service can resolve the problem.

I talk to a Maria, who is very short with me, and explains that even though I got my statement on the 20th, I am not able to pay that bill until the 21st. This makes no sense, you send me a bill and say don’t pay it until tomorrow? Then why not wait until tomorrow to send me the freaking bill. I try to explain her that logic, but she doesn’t care and frankly I don’t blame her, she is a customer service rep not the IT director who thought of this brainiac idea. She goes on to tell me as “courtesy” she will have the payment applied to July’s payment. I didn’t lose my cool but I definitely told her that it wasn’t a courtesy if their system is screwed up. I was not impressed by customer service so I stayed on the line and took a survey about my experience. I was told after the survey that because my answers indicated I had an unpleasant experience I would get a call from a manager within two business days. I am still waiting on the call 2 months later.

The story doesn’t end there. Check back tomorrow when the online banking doesn’t reflect the payment being applied and a Bank of America rep tells me I owe $5 for July…

Credit cards can cause a lot of hassle and inconvenience. To avoid this, you should probably look online to compare personal and business credit card options before you apply. While you think you may be making the right choice with a low interest credit card, there may be hidden fees you aren’t aware of. Research before you apply.


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16 thoughts on “Bank of America Horror Story – Part 1

  1. JT says:

    Horror story? Hardly. Maybe you need to revisit the dictionary. My girlfriend had Metlife cancel her auto insurance and not even tell her for a month because her payment check was for $3 MORE than the bill. They sent back the $3 overpayment, then decided to send back the full amount without notice and the next day cancelled her car insurance as being unpaid, with no previous offenses and no notice whatsoever. So she was driving around totally uninsured, which is illegal here in MA, and had she been in an accident would been financially ruined all because she gave the insurance co. slightly too much for a reoccuring monthly payment that should have just been credited forward. Even this story is not “horrifying” but already it beats yours. Keep pushing those overinflated page hits for your adsense though. :P

  2. Tim says:

    Wow that is crappy what happened to your girl. Don’t worry the story gets worse. Check it out tommorow.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Stay after them Tim. As a past tense insider, trust me, all those “Spirit” pep rallies the employees attend every morning, fail to carry through to the customer. Only the rare human interest story reaches the ears of the pep team. Your story truly hits my still raw nerves regarding the actual Practiced “Higher Standards”. Those of us who DID try to go the extra mile to undo the harm that the customer had been subjected to was deemed being a poor team player.
    And considering MetLife is an associated business with the bank, I would say the cancel insurance fits in with Birds of a Feather sort of thing.
    Good luck Tim.

  4. gjhgfjjg says:


  5. Edwin C Koontz says:

    I pay my credit card balance in full each month there by avoiding interest.
    My Feb 07 statement listed the 19th as the due date. I logged on to their
    web site on the 17th or 18th and listed the 19th as the day I wished it to be paid. It flashed back that the 20th was the first day it could be paid. As the 19th was a holiday I presumed that my due date would automatically be extended for a day. I was wrong. My statement showed a $39.00 charge due to late payment. My conversation with with a not so polite customer service rep resulted in the withdrawl of the charge but I’m not totally satasfied . As I explainrd to her if they weren’t going to accept payment on the 19th then they should have listed either a day later or even two or three days earlier. Her only comment was a curt “well that’s our policy”.

  6. I pay my credit card balance in full each month there by avoiding interest.

  7. HeartFull Christine says:

    Check out how Bank of America’s online banking support folks made my Identity Theft situation much, much worse. A former B of A customer, never to return.

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  15. BellElma24 says:

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