Blackberry 8830 Applications

So now I’m running with a Blackberry 8830, carried by Verizon.  Verizon stripped out the GPS in this phone & a bunch of people are more then upset (see class action lawsuit).  Hopefully they will get the picture soon & release a firmware update to un-disable their feature.

Applications I’m running

  • Gmail – A must have if you are running a gmail email account.
  • Google Maps – I find it better then Blackberry’s Maps, plus the ability to search for local business and get directions is too easy.  Google Maps mobile is a must have.
  • Opera 4 mini beta – It gives you that iPhone feeling browsing the web. It’s the not the greatest but the best small phone browser I’ve found 
  • Berry Bloglines – A Bloglines rss reader that works very nicely. It only pulls down unread entries and allows you to read post there and not have to
  • JiveTalk – Verizon won’t let you run the Blackberry native AIM client (http://www.blackberry/aim), Jive Talk gives you multiple IM clients (AIM, Yahoo, Live).  I’m running the 30 day eval, if I end up buying it, it’ll cost me $19.95. Pretty sweet.


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  1. Tried Opera on Windows 8 again, and seems that it works only 2 minutes without glitches and then crashing. I’m already using Firefox, a current good browser that is perfect and works fine, but I’m thinking about deleting Opera from my computer forever. I have to install applications on Firefox or then use the Chrome. All of the apps should be for writemyessayfast usage. Then, I need to connect two of my writer’s accounts.

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