Blogging Live from CodeMash

I’m in session #2 right now, here is recap of today so far:

Keynote: Neil Ford – Thoughtworks guy and ruby man.

We’ll he kinda dissed Java for an half an hour.  Not much a fan of strongly typed languages (funny he use to be a c# guy), but now prefers Ruby.  Overall a great talk, compared software engineering to "real" engineer.  Basically came away with this: Compared to "real" engineering, we are in the 1800′s timeframe. JVM & .NET are fundamentally frameworks and we should use dynamic languages on top of these not the strongly named types they were original intended for.  Also that unit testing, and testing in general is what is the most important – obviously a TDD guy.


First session, focused on SIlverlight.  Obviously this was a beginners talk more about the basics of Silverlight.  I didn’t come away with much besides I like Silverlight better then Flash because silverlight was developed with developer more in focus.  XML based configuration, not a binary like swf.

More to come…


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