Blogging Live from CodeMash – Update 2

The session I went to next was LinqTo<T> IQuery Provider.  I was really looking forward to this talk, having started to use linq to sql recently with great success.  I’m a huge fan of linq, the easiest ORM I’ve used.  However this talk was about IQuery Provider not IEnumerable (not SQL Server).  Bill Wagner was speaking how to use IQueryProvider it would take hours to get something up and running and was just going to show a quick view.  I bailed out, too much for me with other sessions going on that I wanted to view. 

So I headed over to a session about DOJO, a javascript framework. Kevin Dangoor was giving the talk and did a really good job.  I’ve used JQuery & MooTools in the past and had some likes and dislikes for both. I’ve run across DOJO before and after seeing this talk and DIJIT I’m sold.  It comes with a sweet unit test harness that can be used against any javascript.  Also, creating templates widgets seems very easy.


More to come…


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