Daily Find #112

SQL Buddy – web based mysql alternative to phpmysqladmin

Zoundry Raven – competitor to Live Writer, but to me not such a great product name

Email Marketing Benchmarks for Small Business – Interesting stats

Browser Page Load Performance

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Daily Find #111

nopCommerce – Open source ASP.NET e-commerce solution

http://sqlfeeds.com/ – About, you guessed it, SQL

New ASP.NET Charting Tool

PlayOn – Very cool, watch HULU from your XBOX 360.  I have no idea how they stream HD so nice but they do.

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Daily Find #110

This is the CodeIgniter edition, as you can tell I’m a big fan of the framework.  It’s MVC, it works on PHP 4/5, and it gets out of your way.

Bamboo Invoice System – written in CodeIgniter PHP

Using Oracle Wilcards with CodeIgniter

Working with the Email Class in CodeIgniter

Getting started with Google Maps API and CodeIgniter

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Daily Find #109

Yammer – twitter for internal communication

Get Window 7 like features on Vista

jQuery ThemeRoller

color fading menu with jQuery

Introducing Cincinnati.rb – for those who insistent on doing Ruby

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Daily Find #106

Bloglines reliability has gotten worse and worse over the years.  I only wish Google reader wasn’t so ugly or I would switch today…

Nice write up on ASP.NET MVC beta

Fiddler on Firefox

Ann Arbor Day of .NET 2008 – Recap

Microsoft Dogfood Developers Conference in Columbus

Tweet what you spend – I see twitter/clones being used more & more for apps

Freeing up disk space on Vista

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Daily Find #104

6 Online Photo Editors

GoDaddy launching Microsoft Exchange Hosting – GoDaddy is ok at hosting but I wouldn’t trust them with my email

Silverlight 2 UI template

Tooling Up Agile Development – Whitepaper on agile tools

Dojo 1.2.0 Released

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Daily Find #103

Indy Tech Fest Slides – Web Development with ASP.NET MVC

Upgrading MySQL 5.0 to 5.1 on OS X

Best practices for creating websites in IIS 6.0

Groovy code completion in NetBeans

30 top notch blue web designs

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