Daily Find #102

Gimp 2.6 Ships – I used gimp for a while a long time ago, the changes look promising.

What’s next for Microsoft and PHP? – How about getting PHP to easily work with IIS

YUI 2.6 ships

How Google Developed Chrome

Modal Login Pages – I’m a big fan of the modal popup

Intro to jQuery 2 – Screencast

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Daily Find #101

Comparing Kohana vs CodeIgniter PHP Frameworks

Windows Phone Data Manager beta – Doesn’t appear to be working with my crackberry.

Great Plains 11 Preview

Pixlr – Online image editing

Google Chrome Adding Add on support

50 Years of Computing at the University of Cincinnati Conference

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Daily Find #100

Online Mind Mapper

New Microsoft Controls Coming – I think these are WPF

New Debugging Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

SpaceMonger – Tool to keep track of free space on your PC

8 CSS techniques for Charts

Drag n Drop Cards using jQuery

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Daily Find #99

People around here were filling up their cars like lemmings yesterday, and today of course there is still gas but with no lines.  Wisdom of crowds…ha

6 Tools to help you analyze a web host

Best Free Windows Disk Defragmenter

Scan Windows Registry for Product Keys, Serial Licenses and Registration Numbers

John Lam’s Dev Kit

Change the appearance of Microsoft 2007 Office system

RocketScroll – kinda like the blackberry’s web scroller but for visual studio

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Daily Find #98

5 Best Password Managers – I’m using RoboForm right now, it works, but kinda of annoying for some reason.

Top Ten Signs You Need A New Web Host

How to Transfer Web Hosting Without Any Downtime

Help Stackoverflow beta test

5 Best Windows Maintenance Tools

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Daily Find #97

Microsoft Hyper V Free

Introduction to PHP Regex

Keep Vista from Changing Folder View – OMG – do you know how long I’ve been looking for this fix?  Too long….

How Google Chrome Stores Passwords – Code and all

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Daily Find #96

Processing Text Files with LINQ

Creating a Content Management System with ASP.NET

phpdl – PHP script to create directory listing

10 Promising JavaScript Frameworks

TestTrack 2008.2 now available

ASP.NET gets no Respect

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Daily Find #95

First 3 links taken from a Fresh Cup

Comparing PHP to Ruby on Rails – Sorry but these guys seem to have no clue.

CSS Formatter – Yes another CSS formatting site

GenerateData.com – A nice script to keep around

Completely Scripting a SQL Server Database

Setting up SQL Server 2008 for an ASP.NET website on IIS 7.0

Status – member based forums

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Daily Find #93

SQL 2008 aims at MySQL

CodeStock 2008 Wrap Up

Maintaining Checkbox State in a Listview – ASP.NET

3 strikes, you’re allowed the “big rewrite” – Good advice on when to rewrite that app

PHPDug & Pligg – 2 nice digg clones

CSS Message Boxes

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