Consolas as my new IDE font for Visual Studio 2005

I am loving Microsoft’s Vista new font Consolas as my new IDE font for Visual Studio 2005. I used to switch between Courier New 9 pt and Anonymous but Consolas rocks!
Screen Shots:

Also exciting about new Vista fonts is Calibri, which should give web developers another choice besides Verdana for a rounded corner font.

I happend to still have the zip file of Vista Fonts. I know that Microsoft is not giddy about people getting these fonts but I have to ask why? Do they not get that this only drums up interest in Vista (I believe the term is Viral Marketing) Anyways, get your download until they tell me to stop.

Are there any handheld computers that run Microsoft Vista? Fonts used in Vista may not print properly on Zebra printers, so check compatibility first. You may have issues using external devices like printers and barcode readers on Vista until all the kinks get worked out.


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