Daily Find #28

Ruby.Net is Dead, long live IronRuby

Windows Releases Server 2008 & Vista SP1 to RTM – You can find server 2008 on MSDN but not Vista SP1.  I recently reloaded Vista without SP1 RC and let me tell you it sucks,slow, buggy.  I’m putting RC on my laptop tongiht, if things don’t get better I’m seriously thinking about going back to XP.

Download  all the .NET Source Code at once.


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7 thoughts on “Daily Find #28

  1. Jonathan says:

    You could always slap on your favorite Linux distibution…and I know how much you love OS X…that’s always an option too.

  2. Tim says:

    Too invested in .NET these days to think of a platform switch. Kinda why I’m looking into Ruby.

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