Daily Find #38

Office Live Workspaces beta – Almost a Google Docs competitor but still appears you need to have word/excel/ppt locally and this saves it up in the cloud.  Does come with versioning and sharing.  You can download a msi that puts a "Save to Cloud" right in Word/Excel/PPT which is much better then doing a file upload.  I can see using this as a backup solution.

Six Month in the Inside – Am I evil yet? – A peek from Scott H about working at Microsoft.

Essential Software to Install on a new computer – From Roy O, a little dated but still relevant.

LinqPad Webinar posted by O’Reilly

ScrewTurn Wiki 2.0.27 Released

Links to Linq – This is a really nice list of everything LINQ


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  1. They are not qualified or certified to do anything in the schools – short of cusdotial work like sweeping.

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