Daily Find #39

I watched the MIX08 keynote yesterday live.  Something’s I took away from it:  Sorry Ray Ozzie is seriously boring, his keynote wasn’t inspiring, informative, or appealing.  I’m glad Microsoft is catching up with the cloud, they are at least 2 years behind Google (last year they were 4 years so they are making progress).  They are really pushing Silverlight hard, even selling out to Nokia to get it on their phone.  IE 8 looks promising, web slices look good, CSS 2.1, and HTML 5 goodness.  Scott Gu is still the man, watch out Ray :)

MIX08 Download Links

ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Screen Cast Tutorials

Microsoft Yahoo! launching OnePlace for Mobile Bookmarking

Acid3 Test Released

Google Calendar Synch – Finally a supported way to synch to Outlook


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