Daily Find #71

imageI like FireFox 3 RC 1.  It still sucks up some memory but it is faster.  I got most of my extensions working, minus Google Toolbar which I use for bookmarking (if only bookmarking sites were around in the late 90′s, I had some great sites I use to visit). You would think the company supporting FireFox could get their plugin to work the quickest right? Grant stopped by yesterday and said he doesn’t really use FireFox extensions so no big deal for him.  He doesn’t know the power of the dark side extensions.  Typical MAC guy :)     

FireBug 1.2b1 – Works really nicely on FireFox 3

VB 2008 IDE Tips & Tricks – For you VB people, which apparently is a lot.

SystInternal Tools live – A simple file listing site, oh the good old days… via Greg Hughes

More stuff about Android and how it rocks – I told you so

Written by Tim on May 29th, 2008 with 1 comment.
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#1. May 29th, 2008, at 4:48 PM.

Wasn’t there some kind of extension that would allow you to draw a picture of what you wanted to search for? Like if you somehow scrawled a chicken it would take you to KFC?

Well, KFC is you’re lucky. There is some messed up stuff on the Interweb.

The new Firefox does seem pretty fast though. If I were to use Windows on any regular basis anymore I’d be a daily user.

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