Daily Life #502

Going to Kentucky Lake this weekend, going to give RoadTrippers a shot.  To disclose I have several former colleague and friends who work there.  I gave them a half hearted shot when they very first started but quickly gave up.  This should be a true test / review.  I’ll be brutally honest, good or bad as I see it from a usability/reliability/experience.



CGI on AMC Shows so Bad

Occupational History of Congress

Millions Lines of Code


4 Hour Body

Breakfast Summary: Eggs, Turkey Sausage

Lunch Summary: Baked Chicken, Chipotle Bowls (no rice, no dairy)

Dinner Summary: Meatloaf, Baked Chicken, Ham & Green Beans

Dessert: Ran out of Carb Smart Ice Cream (a good thing)

Workout: Insanity x 2, ~30 minute arms/shoulders x 2.

Results: 2 inches lost in 3 weeks.  A full 15 lbs drop in 3 weeks.


A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at tboland@gmail.com

110 thoughts on “Daily Life #502

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