Daily Life #502

Going to Kentucky Lake this weekend, going to give RoadTrippers a shot.  To disclose I have several former colleague and friends who work there.  I gave them a half hearted shot when they very first started but quickly gave up.  This should be a true test / review.  I’ll be brutally honest, good or bad as I see it from a usability/reliability/experience.



CGI on AMC Shows so Bad

Occupational History of Congress

Millions Lines of Code


4 Hour Body

Breakfast Summary: Eggs, Turkey Sausage

Lunch Summary: Baked Chicken, Chipotle Bowls (no rice, no dairy)

Dinner Summary: Meatloaf, Baked Chicken, Ham & Green Beans

Dessert: Ran out of Carb Smart Ice Cream (a good thing)

Workout: Insanity x 2, ~30 minute arms/shoulders x 2.

Results: 2 inches lost in 3 weeks.  A full 15 lbs drop in 3 weeks.


A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at tboland@gmail.com

30 thoughts on “Daily Life #502

  1. Tyler says:

    Good job on the four hour body. Dropping fifteen pounds in three weeks must be hard work especially with your hands being full all the time. Enjoyed looking at your millions of code chart, interesting to see how healthcare.gov is hundreds of millions of lines. Seems a little bit ridiculous to me. Hope everything is going well!

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