Forgot Attachment, Not in Gmail

One of the easy email blunders is to tell someone you attached a file and forget to attach it – DOH!  Depending on who you are sending it to (like the CIO say) it can be quite embarrassing.  I really try not to make this email foul but occasionally do. 

I’m in Gmail today creating an email with an attachment and click the send button and something funny pops up. 


Oh DOH! – I forgot to attach the file.  Gmail is smart enough to remind me?  Kinda of, it looks for the verbiage like “attach” and pops this up if the email doesn’t have an attachment. Sweet! 

I’ve always been a fan of Outlook but I now prefer Gmail to it.


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2 thoughts on “Forgot Attachment, Not in Gmail

  1. Tom Barr says:

    One of the things that drives me nuts with Windows is the lack of anticipaton in the user experience. I hit Start and it’s like it never saw it coming, uhhh, uhh what do I do? oh yeah pop up some menu… is what I feel like my PC is thinking. Google does a good job in have its applications anticipate what you will do next or screw up next. Do you really want to discard this wonderful piece of prose? OK or Cancel. It’s tough to go back to other email clients.

  2. Ian Turner says:

    This feature has been in kmail for years and years. It’s saved my hide a number of times. Why Microsoft has never seen it fit to add it to outlook is beyond me.

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