Google on Smart Phones

So the Google guys made iPhone specific.  That’s great, if you have an iphone, otherwise it looks like crap (on my BlackBerry 8830).


  1. The iPhone is no way the market leading smart phone so why are writing specific apps for it?
  2. The iPhone is not ready for the enterprise so all the goodness you are putting in for iPhone specific apps doesn’t help us enterprise guys.  You do want to sell your office apps to the enterprise right?
  3. Can you update your generic smart phone apps?  They all have a tendency to lock, especially gmail.

Observation: It’s been long rumored that Google was coming out with a smart phone, but with these iPhone specific apps coming out I am starting to doubt anything but maybe a WIFI only cell phone.  Either way, any Google phone would be a direct competitor to the iPhone.  Things would sure get interesting on the relationship between Apple & Google if they started to compete against each other.

Cell phones have had an interesting history, and smart phones are a technology that everyone is getting excited about. With new smart phones, you can listen to streaming music, send emails and browse the Internet. Free music is just a click away!


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3 thoughts on “Google on Smart Phones

  1. Wow! I don’t know that it’s 12 years passed. It’s such a long time that now I can’t even know when the first smartphone is introduced to the world. Thank you for sharing the information.

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