Google to start selling Radio Ads

In January 06 Google bought DMarc Broadcasting to help jumpstart themselves into the radio advertisement game. Since then there has not been much news from this side of the business. Today, I received a Google survey for some free adwords dollars. The entire survey was about radio advertisement. I think this is pretty good evidence that they are ramping up on this. Don’t be surprised to see Google selling radio ad spots thru their adwords center in the not to distant future. The last time I got a Google survey, it was about print advertisement, 2 weeks later they revealed it in beta form.

One of the more interesting and revealing questions was that Google was planning on putting advertisers directly in touch with production talent for creating radio advertisments. I am betting they have some sort of GUI interface were you put in copy, type of voice to be used, pause points, emphasied points etc… and Google pushes it to a production house.

Here are a few screen shots of the survey and the questions they are asking advertisers.

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Google is starting to dominate more forms of advertising, and now you may need a radio switch to hear their latest venture. They’re really reaching into the cash drawer on this one. Before you know it, they’ll be integrating into all fields and devices, like televisions, music players…even barcode scanners!


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86 thoughts on “Google to start selling Radio Ads

  1. Radio just doesn’t work as well as other forms of advertising. The only reason radio is still alive is because people listen to it while going to and coming back from work.

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  3. Google entering the radio business didn’t have the impact I thought it would have. I’m surprised they haven’t completely dominated the market yet.

    Best Wishes,

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  6. I am a bit surprised that this is the first I have heard of this. Right now, it doesn’t look like Google is quite dominating the Interent as far as radio ads quite yet. I doubt can be the king of anything and everything all internet.

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