Google vs Microsoft Search

Is there really any doubt Google has Microsoft beat by 10 folds for search results?  Here is a search I did on a Microsoft Great Plains error: “No TaxScheduleKey, but TaxAmount  was passed in” Apparently doesn’t index Microsoft’s own newsgroups. Google does. Also the suggested alternative searches are based on the word “passed” which is a giant leap to assume my entire query revolves around 1 word.  Google suggested TaxAmount as two words.  I recently listened to Adam Bosworth MySQL speech in which he said how Google comes up with their “Did you mean” algorithm.  It has nothing to do with a dictionary lookup, but instead looks at the past queries and what suggestions users ended up clicking when presented with choices for “Did you mean”.  It really means Google is becoming a better search engine without any code changes, something Microsoft should take a qu from.




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    Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)

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