Hard time keeping track of your time…

I am trying to get better at keeping track of my time.  Where I use to work - Bridge WorldWide – I had to bill all of my time to specific job numbers or clients.  It was one of the worst thing about the job (I guess if that is the worst thing about Bridge, it is a great place to work).  A lot of the programmers there kept written time sheets.  That was way beyond techy for me so for a while I used Outlook’s calendar.  Now I use I use a free .NET program named Time Snapper.  It sits in your system tray and takes a snap shot of your desktop every x seconds. Whats even better, it has a browser that lets you ”watch” your week.  Don’t worry about idle time, the program doesn’t take a snap if your system has been idle so many x seconds.  I love it.  I set mine to take a snap every 4 minutes and produce a JPG.  Typically a day’s worth of data is around 10 MB.  Time Snapper has an option to clean up itself after so many days.  Check it out.


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2 thoughts on “Hard time keeping track of your time…

  1. Greg says:

    I love TimeSnapper. It has saved me many times!

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