How to make a Yahoo! sitemap file using Google’s Sitemap Tool

Yahoo! has been accepting sitemaps very similar to what Google is doing with their Sitemap feeds. One exception, they do not provide you with a tool like Google does, that might make too much sense. I guess Yahoo! was behind in the game and went public without offering webmastes any tools to submit a text file containing your URL list in a plain text file. Initially I thought I could use something like Xenu – a link checking bot that gives you a list of valid html pages with no broken links. However it puts a bunch of goofy jargon in the source code that makes it very very difficult to create text file of plain jane URLs. So I ended up using Google sitemap tool to first build my url list.

See Google Sitemap help for detailed instructions . Here are the steps you need to make this happen.

  1. Download Google’s sitemap tool from sourceforge.

  2. Run this code to generator a sitemap:

    $ python --config=

    This will generate an sitemap.xml.gz file in the location you specified in the config.xml file. You then need to :

    $ gunzip sitemap.xml.gz

  3. Next, open this sitemap.xml using your favorite text editor – I use UltraEdit. Do a search and replace with nothing for:

    Use a regular expression to search and replace with nothing for:
    * *

Then you should record a macro to delete the extra line breaks and leading space. I’ve attached the Macro I used in Ultra Edit. Download the Google_to_Yahoo.mac macro. Pretty straight forward. Let me know if you have an eaiser way. I do have over 5,000 URL’s so doing by any other way then automation was out of the question.


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