IE 8, blurry images, UseHR

I have a dell latitude d820 and the dreaded blurry image syndrome is back with IE 8 beta.  The previous fix was to add a registry key UseHR or get this fix from dell but right now neither seem to be working.  More on this soon…



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18 thoughts on “IE 8, blurry images, UseHR

  1. I searched on the newsgroup and haven’t found any posts on this topic. I find it hard to believe that more people aren’t experiencing this.

  2. I haven’t found a work around, my guess is there isn’t one, but I would expect the next beta to ship with registry key to make this flip.

  3. it doing the smae thing with me!! it starts to happen evry time i delete temporary internet files….

    everything loads faster but its not worth it if the pictures are such low quality

  4. I never should have downloaded IE8. Now I’m stuck with the blurriness which hurts my eyes. Tried every adjustment but nothing helps. Vista makes it impossible to go back to IE7. Plus it affects all browsers including Safari.

  5. Found out how to get rid of IE8 and go back to IE7. Break out the champagne and confetti. Just go to updates in control panel and delete (uninstall) IE8. It’s nice to have clear font again.

  6. Found a solution to the blurry condition on IE8.

    1. Tools
    2. Internet Options
    3. advanced
    4. Settings
    5. Multimedia
    6. Uncheck box “always use Clear Type for HTML”
    7. Apply
    8. OK

    This worked to correct the blurry condition on other browsers such as Safari also.

  7. Angelo-Frank – THANKYOU !!!
    I was just about to try to uninstall IE8, because the blurry text was terrible – and now everything looks just the way it is supposed to be 🙂

  8. wow..i feel dumb now. I was having the same problem but it actually turns out that i had my ie zoomed in.

  9. “wow..i feel dumb now. I was having the same problem but it actually turns out that i had my ie zoomed in.”

    Thanks, I had the same problem, the zoom was at 105%.

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