Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Vista

I ran into a big pain trying to install Visual Studio on Vista. First, don’t try to install VS over a network share, it hung for several minutes and never could get started at installation. So I copied it down to my local system and tried to install from there. No luck, at the opening screen it would hang at “loading installation components”. I tried running setup as administrator (even though I was already in that local group), no luck. I tired installing msxml6 separately, no luck. I tried installing DExplore, no luck. I read about people having problems if USB thumb drives installed, I take mine out, still no luck. Then I read an old issue of Visual Studio where having your network card enabled can cause problems. I disable my card and what do you know, it install fine. This isn’t a Vista issue but a Visual Studio bug.


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8 thoughts on “Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Vista

  1. Troy Skinner says:

    OMG it actually worked……
    Just disable network card (Device manager->Controller or card)
    even if it’s started it’ll work (I think, I tried killing the process (which didn’t work, but that’s another issue) and it did it at that moment… spooky)

    Thanks for the refresh Tim

  2. Sowmya says:

    I tried this, it didnt work for me.
    Any other suggestions ?

  3. Glenn Turner says:

    Try doing a runas and using a local administrator account that is NOT a domain admin account. This fixed the issue for me.

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