Intel Ultrabook Final Review

This is my last look at the Ultrabook Intel sent me.  It’s been a very pleasant experience from start to end and I’m very happy to say I will continue to use the Ultrabook in both a development world but also as a go to laptop for surfing the web & general computer usage.


One pleasant surprise in using the Ultrabook on a daily basis is watching the kids interact with the Ultrabook touchscreen.  It’s very apparent they are much more engaged with a touch screen laptop then the old mom & pop keyboard only. 

Daily Usage

I have to say the biggest enjoyment of using the Ultrabook on a daily basis has been it’s responsiveness.  The thing is able to handle all my computer needs, including developing a recent PhoneGap application I’ve been doing.  I’m consistently running eclipse & debugging with my android.  The system performance has been outstanding. 

PhoneGap + Windows 8  + Sensors

One really neat application of this laptop is being able to play with my Phonegap application right on the laptop with Windows 8 and using the built in sensors in the laptop.  Although I didn’t target the windows platform my Phonegap application seems to work well on the laptop & I can get a quick debug environment setup.  The accelerometer & touch part of the application works flawlessly with Windows 8 and the laptop.


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187 thoughts on “Intel Ultrabook Final Review

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