Intel Ultrabook–Looking Closer

Intel Ultrabook – Looking Closer

I’ve been running with the Intel Ultrabook for a couple of month now. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the power this thing punches for being so light. Boot time has been incredible. It literally boots in less than 10 seconds. That’s reason enough alone to take a closer look. 

Daily Use

I’ve been using the Ultrabook daily. No problem running multiple instances of Visual Studio 2012, SQL Management Studio, Outlook & Google Chrome. The Solid State Drive is a real difference maker. I’ve even had Hyper-V running without issues.The Ivy bridge processor is the real deal.

Ultrabook & Windows 8

So there are a lot of concerns with system admins & programmers when it comes to Windows 8. Classic case of who moved my cheese. Once you get over differences, it’s very apparent a Touch enable laptop is essential moving forward in this environment. There are so many times I’ve caught myself using the touch screen, at this point the on board mouse vs touch is almost 50% split. Honestly, when I use my Dell E6420 on my lap I find myself touching the screen now. All laptop’s moving forward are all going to be touch enabled, err, as soon as Apple catches up.


The Ultrabook Intel sent me has an GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro, & Magnetmeter, Web Camera, & Touch – all the stuff in your iPad that lets you play interactive games. You get this same experience with the Ultrabook. The hardware technology is basically like having a Kinect or Nintendo Wii in your laptop. From Fruit Ninja, to Ball Strike, to Google Maps you now just need developers writing the apps. Here you can learn more about Microsoft Sensor API.




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