Leopard Service Pack 2 Coming

OS X 10.5.2 is coming with weight of, oh ~450mb.  I think you can call that a service pack and not so much of a minor release.  Props to Apple for turning around 100 major bug fixes in a short period of time but doesn’t that really mean the OS was released before it was ready? 

I’m one of the few people who don’t mind buggy software as long as they release often.  Why don’t I mind?  Well, software development is hard, really hard.  Across platforms or cross browsers or even across versions of 1 type of OS.  I’ve felt the pain, and certainly caused it.  But one piece of software that can’t be buggy is the OS itself.  It effects everything.  A buggy OS can make you life miserable, see Windows 98 and apparently OS X 10.5.0.  Vista on the other hand isn’t buggy but slow, I know, I’ve used it for over 1 year now.  Buggy or Slow, not a good choice.


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7 thoughts on “Leopard Service Pack 2 Coming

  1. I comprehend that on the off chance that I introduce Windows XP, I require Service Pack 2. My Windows XP cd doesn’t accompany Service Pack 2 and I’m considering how to continue without it. after I get my imac . Additionally , how does Boot Camp vary from Parallels?

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