Must Have Software and Tools

2008 July edition.

FireFox 3 – Extensions have made this my main browser

FireBug – The best toolkit for any web developer out there.

Web Developer Toolkit – I uses this less and less with Firebug getting the job done 90% of the time.

Better Gmail – Makes gmail go over a SSL connection and also replaces attachment images with a nice icon representation. ColorZilla – A great tool to quickly find the HEX value of anything on any web page.

Visual Studio 2008 – Visual Studio is still the standard for IDE’s.  Of course it could always be faster but it is really nice.

Resharper – Love rescharper, cleans my code as I type.

iTunes – I use iTunes to manage my podcast listening list.  It does a great job at that.

Microsoft SQL Server – Most .NET projects connect to this so it’s a good idea to have a local copy running

Management Studio – At first I wasn’t a Management Studio fan, give me back the 2000 version of Enterprise Manager and Query Editer.  Nevermind.  Management Studio is double sweet for the price of one.

Office 2007 – The biggest upgrade in Microsoft’s office line in some time.  The ribbon bar is nice and I love how they brought really useful features to the forefront.

mRemote – Where would I be with out this terminal services manager.

Notepad++ – My texteditior and most of the time PHP ide of choice.  Fast, simple, customizable, a few nice plugins. 

Witty Twitter Client – Definitely the best looking Twitter client.  Witty is WPF and WPF done nice.

Windows Live Writer – Who knew Microsoft could put out a nice Web 2.0 , errrr, Windows client.  Writing this post in Live writer as we speak…

Fireworks – I guess the new photoshop has most of these features, so that will work too.

Blackberry Manager – For upgrading your firmware on your crackberry and other crackberry tasks.

WinSCP – A free opensource SFTP manager for when you have to work on the nix machines.

FileZilla – Free, open source, clean, simple FTP client.

SlickEdit – A nicer version of notepad++

Navicat – My preferred mysql manager of choice, although their query interface needs improvement.

7Zip – Can handle tar, zip, gz, and other compressed formats, free too.

CodeIgniter – Loving this PHP MVC framework.  Simpler then cakePHP. I’m building a little something, something in this, more to come on that front.

CCleaner – Free PC crap cleaner.

IE Tester – A must for web developers.  Test against IE 5 and up all on the same machine.

Surround SCM – Of course my version control software of choice.   Cross platform, really nice GUI, intuitive interface.  Plus integrates on almost all IDEs.

TestTrack Pro – Our bug tracking software.  Great workflow engine.

QA Wizard Pro – Automated testing tool.

Foxit – PDF reader software.  Runs so much smaller then Adobe.

FreeRam XP Pro – RAM manager

Process Explorer – Free microsoft add on, this should replace task manager.

SlickRun – Launcher program


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24 thoughts on “Must Have Software and Tools

  1. FileZilla has SFTP and FTPS support these days.
    Therefore apart from SCP (which hardly anyone uses these days) you do not need WinSCP. One less tool to have and more functionality in your current tool set 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I am also using Notepad++ for code editing. Could you please let me know some useful plug-ins which you are currently using with Notepad++?

  3. You list QA Wizard Pro as an automated testing tool. But no comments about it??? Have you tried to use this tool? 🙂

  4. Move up from winscp – FTP Manager Lite is one of the BEST free FTP client software. The clean interface is super easy to use. It will perform your files transfers quickly and efficiently. It also supports FXP for superfast server to server transfers. It is perfect for backups or synchronizing servers.

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