North Myrtle Beach Trip Report – Food

Just back 2 weeks ago from a great trip to north Myrtle Beach.  We had an awesome time and got to experience a hurricane/tropical storm Hanna.  Wow.  Anyways,  I’m big on eating at local places and sharing my thoughts.

The Grill House

image ★★★★★ – 5 stars.  We ended up eating here 2 times, it was that good. Salad was excellent, they make their own salad dressing.  Prime rib was seasoned just right and excellent portions.  T-Bone steak was good but I suggest sticking to the prime rib if you are a steak person. They have an awesome early bird’s menu till 6pm.  Service, price, and atmosphere was good.  Highly recommended.

228 2nd Ave. North. North Myrtle Beach

Basil’s Pizza

image ★★★★ – 4 stars.  A pizza place can’t get 5 stars can it?  Best pizza I have ever had.  New York style pizza with great sauce.  Service was quick and friendly.  Great location.  Ended up eating lunch here 2 times.  You can’t beat $12 for a large pizza that fills a family of 4.

219 Sea Mountain Highway Cherry Grove

Hamburger Joe’s

image ★★ – 2 stars. Definitely a local’s place.  Service was ok, I think they could tell we were tourist.  Menu is simple and cheeseburgers were good.  Price is reasonable.  I’m not as high on this place as others I guess because Frisch’s Big Boy has me spoiled. FYI – they take cash only.


image ★★★★ – 4 stars. A Pittsburgh Steelers bar and grille.  Good atmosphere, great club sandwiches.  If you can’t stand smoky places, this is not the place for you.  Luckily that doesn’t bother us and we had a good time with drinks and food at this place.

4101 Hwy 17 South North Myrtle Beach

Duffy Street Seafood


★ – 1 star. We heard a lot of good things about this place, but came away highly disappointed.  Place doesn’t have air conditioned and staff were a tad bit on the rude side for my taste.  Food was ok, I took advantage of their happy hour seafood prices.  Shrimp & Oysters were good.  Maybe we caught them on a bad day or their main street location is better but I don’t think I would go back here.

319 Sea Mountain Hwy North Myrtle Beach, SC

The Boundary House

★★★ – 3 stars. Atmosphere in this place is great. Kind of a swank feel.  The place is really beautiful with awesome wood work inside.  Food was good, not great, but good. I had the seafood platter, while Amanda had their prime rib.  Services was good.  Prices are a little higher but I think worth the trip.  Calabash is a neat town and definitely stop at the Christmas shop next door. image

1045 River Road


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29 thoughts on “North Myrtle Beach Trip Report – Food

  1. One thing to add to the Grill House…Don’t order the 16 ounce prime rib unless you are very hungry. The portions are huge!

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