Passport Headaches Continue

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So the passport situation has not got any better. We are supposed to be leaving on April 15, but the State Department Passport website says we won’t get our until April 29, that’s not good. I called my congress woman, Jean Schmidt last Wednesday and left a message. I was surprised to get a callback the next day from one of her reps. She took my info and said would have a follow up on Friday. Friday, then Monday came and went with no call back. (One note – when you say you will call back on a certain day, please do). I tried getting thru to the passport center number, but their automated system says all the reps are full and then hangs up on you (ever heard of a call que?). The US government dropped the ball big time on this, by not preparing itself with it’s own regulations. I love to see my tax money at work. I’ll keep you updated…


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