RSS Feed any MySQL Database using PHP

To some folks rss is this hot new technology that is changing our lives in technology. The truth is rss is a specific formated text file that people finally have standarized on. It’s the standarization that changes people lives, not neccessary the technology. Anyway, a while back I wanted to rss feed our knowledgebase. The knowledgebase articles are stored in a mysql database. I played around with using PEAR::PACKAGE::XML to do the job but found it to be a bit overkill. So I wrote my own xml builder – source code is below or you can download the php rss feed mysql database code. What is nice, is that you can RSS feed any database.

Your RSS Title Goes HERE Describe your RSS Feed Heredescription>
PHP/$phpversion 140
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// loop through the array pulling database fields for each item
for ($i = 0; $i < mysql_num_rows($result1); $i++) { @$row = mysql_fetch_array($result1); $title = cleanText($row["question"]); $link = "".$row["id"]; $description = $row["mycontent"]; //Replace Ugly HTML that got into the Knowledgebase with nothing $desc_replace = array("


", "


", );
$desc_replace_with = array("", "", "");
$desc_temp = str_replace($desc_replace, $desc_replace_with, $description);

//Now clean the HTML
$mydescription = cleanText($desc_temp);
$pubDate = $row["date"];

// display an item
$title $link $mydescription... For the entire article, please visit our site. $pubDate







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7 thoughts on “RSS Feed any MySQL Database using PHP

  1. i am working with news site. i want rss feed that have the latest vedio news. how to store the rss feed my control pannel please tell me

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