Ruby on Rails for Windows Developers

Until IronRuby comes out 100% I’m going to be diving into RoR.  It’s obvious RoR was constructed by *nix people so I’m hoping I’m not making it even harder on myself by trying to do this on Windows but here goes anyways.

Resources I’ve Found:


RailsOnWindows – Start here…

O’Reilly – Step by Step from installing Ruby to MySQL and so on.

Instant Rails – one stop Rails runtime solution, includes Ruby, Rails, Apache, MySQL all preconfigured to run

RubyStack – Another click installer that brings over Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache

Installing Rails on Windows, Step by Step Tutorial


RadRails – Windows IDE for Rails, Dave likes.

Mondrian Ruby IDE

Arachno Ruby IDE

Ruby In Steel – Plugin for Visual Studio



Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

SitePoint Tutorial – Sitepoint always does a nice job


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