Safari on Windows

Thanks to Scott for clueing me in on the Safari 3 for Windows Public Beta.  I must have been hiding in a hole, cause I did not see this coming at all.

First Impression

  • When I click on the top bar to expand the window, the dang thing disappears. Wait – Actually if I move it to my dual monitor and click the expand button the dang thing disappears.  Guess the dual monitor code hasn’t been put in.
  • It is fast, very fast.  Although reports are FF is faster then IE, I’ve found IE to render quicker (maybe because of the extensions I have going on FF), but this thing is really fast.
  • Finally, no more VNC to a MAC to make sure things are working correctly on Safari.  This is great.
  • Font rendering is nice – not clear type, but pretty close.
  • Hey the backspace keyboard doesn’t move you back in history – not cool.

I’m not switching from FF because of the extensive plugins I use but for some fast web browsing this might make take over my IE.



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6 thoughts on “Safari on Windows

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