Shiny new Surround SCM 2008

Today I upgraded our internal Surround SCM database to the latest beta build for Surround SCM 2008.  We run the server on a MAC OS X 10.4 box and the server upgrade was a snap. One of the nicest features of Surround is that it just “works” across platforms, server or client.  The client install also was piece of cake (except for the PC restart, but hey that’s not too bad).  The UI in Surround SCM 2008 is the first thing that will catch your attention.  Not saying the previous version was ugly, ok it was ugly, but 2008 “feels” so much better. Surround does some really cool menu navigation which helps out the navigation immensely.  One challenge developers/software have is as they add features, the software itself becomes complicated to use, so thinking about the UI can really let users get more from these added features.  I have to say I’m pretty impressed.



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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your article, actually the program needs serial to works and i am unable to check it, would you please send me the serial?


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