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Our DBA writes some mean SQL code, I can write some SQL that works :) .  It’s not my strongest suit but certainly not my weakest so I handle most of my sql statements myself.  However, when I need his help I cringe at sending him my sql code because he freaks when he sees it.  To me SQL is a string variable, I use to not care how pretty the formatting is, what tab setting to use, when to carriage return a FROM and so on.  Well, he cares and makes sure I know about it.  I totally understand why but for me it was too time consuming to make sure I format something that in the end is a string variable…. Until I found SQLinForm.  I am now a religious sql formatter, because not only does SQLinForm does it for me but it also creates c#, vb.net, php, and whole slew of other string variables.  My SQL has never been prettier and I can finally ship sql to my dba.




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17 thoughts on “SQL Formatter

  1. Corwin says:

    I never freak. But right is right. And with SQL, I’m always right.

  2. cables says:

    I will definitely learn a lot from them. Thank.

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  9. mahi says:

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