The Daily Find #16

Next week has to be the best time of they year to get work done, no meetings scheduled just you and some code ;)

Iconfinder -  A great site to find those icons for your web applications, lets you search based on size and background color.

LINQ to SQL  – Tailoring the mapping at runtime via Steen

High Performance AJAX Applciations – A Yahoo talk about this issue, it starts out slow but there are some really good tips given.

Ext 2.0 & Google Chart – I haven’t used extJS but plan to on my next php/ajax application I write

NicEdit – A WYSIWYG editor for any textarea, no plugins besides one javascript file.

XP SP3 for download

Krypton 2.7.0 Released – Free controls for Windows.Forms

Dissecting ASP.NET Version 3.5′s Web.config File


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