18 Must Have Software Tools for the PC

For Christmas this year from work I got a DELL D820, Intel Core 2 T7400 @ 2.16Ghz, 2 Gigs of RAM and 100 Gig Hard Drive. It is sweet. Any how, I had to move computers which can be a pain. Here is the list of must have software tools I have installed. If you develop web applications, this is a must have list.

  1. CrapCleaner – A must have to easily keep your PC running smooothly and not letting crappy temp files cog your memory.

  2. HomeSite – My HTML/PHP editor of choice. I only wish Macromedia/Adobe had never bought them. Macromedia/Adobe have basically stopped development of this once fine product, but I haven’t found anything better.

  3. UltraEdit – My Text editor of choice. This thing can do almost anything and best of all it handles huge (over 100mb) text files without a problem.

  4. Visual Studio 2005 – I do all my .NET work out of here, I also just installed SP 1 and have found it to speed things up.

  5. SQL Server & Management Studio 2005 – It took a little bit to get use to it vs Query Anaylizer/Enterprise Manager but I like it now so much better.

  6. FireFox 2.0 – My default Web Browser for so many reasons (most of them are extensions listed below)

    • Extensions for FireFox:

    • FasterFox – Speeds up FireFox by changing some default settings

    • FireBug – A must have for debugging web applicatons

    • iFox – My theme

    • ColorZilla – A great tool to get HEX values of colors.

  7. Proccess Tamer – This keeps any wild proccess under control

  8. Gaim – I have an AOL account but this thing is so much nicer and less resource intense

  9. SlickRun – My quick launcher of choice. I blow the font up so this thing is pretty big on my machine

  10. FireWorks – I’ve never found Photoshop to be intuitive, I much prefer FireWorks for web work in terms of how things are cut

  11. Navicat – A mysql admin tool. I have a lot of issues with Navicat (definitely a future post) but it does have its advantages, like its upload ability and user management set up.

  12. SSH Client- A must have for PC users that work on Unix boxes.

  13. Surround SCM – Our version control.

  14. TestTrack Studio – Our defect tracking and test case management tool.

  15. Zune Theme for XP – I have Vista as a dual boot but when I am in XP I prefer for it to look this way.

  16. Google Desktop – I’m finding I use this less and less by keeping my mail cleaner on a daily basis. I use it strictly for search, their sidebar stuff is god awful. This tool might be dropping off the list soon.

  17. FileZilla – Simple and clean FTP client.

  18. VNC – I manage MC OS X machines. OS X makes it easier to manage things thru their GUI sometimes. The same can not be said for any of the Linux builds.


A .NET, PHP, Marketing Guru authority, at least I hope I am. Reach me at tboland@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “18 Must Have Software Tools for the PC

  1. Jon says:

    What about QAWizard?

  2. Tim says:

    Sorry, for now I use WATIR

  3. Tyler says:

    Like the CPU Tammer. Nice Prog

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  6. Evergre says:

    Have you tried SQLyog?

    Its open source – Great alternative to Navicat

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  8. Denis says:

    failed attempt at a guide.

    At first you guys probably had a good idea, but then googled for programs and thought maybe this would be neat….

  9. shalini says:

    crap cleaner was something i did not know about ..thank you.. it seems to be good..

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  11. Elijah says:

    Have a look at a free word processor comparable to AbiWord:

  12. rse2free says:

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