Turn any RSS feed into a Podcast using Ruby

Ever wonder how to turn rss xml into a podcast mp3? Me neither, but it struck me as a really cool idea when I ran across Talkr.com, a online services which does this. I then found Audiolicious and found you can do it in 7 easy steps.

Audiolicious allows you to point it at any valid RSS feed and create MP3 Podcast. It converts the text to speech using Windows and Ruby technology.


  1. Unzip the Audiolicious zipfile to a directory on your computer.
  2. Install Ruby.
  3. Install the Microsoft Speech API.
  4. Install the Microsoft Mary voice.
  5. Test Audiolicious by running audiolicious.bat. The MP3′s will appear in the output directory.
  6. Configure Audiolicious by opening audiolicious.rb in your favourite text editor and changing the rss_feed and output_dir.
  7. Setup up audiolicious.bat to run daily using Windows Scheduler.


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8 thoughts on “Turn any RSS feed into a Podcast using Ruby

  1. [...] Aunque todavia no he probado Audiolicious y no se que tal lee el lector automático, me parece una idea util, la de que te lean los feeds mientras haces cualquier otra cosa. [...]

  2. egocast says:


    The “Microsoft Mary voice” doesn’t read spanish correctly. Can I find somewhere a Spanish voice for Audiolicious ?

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    While I can’t agree on all your points, I think it’s well written.

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