Weekly Bits #1

  • How/Why in the world do some people in IT/Software Dev world spend so much time at conferences, meetups, user group, etc…?  I get that these things energize you, allow for networking, etc, but it seems these things take over people’s social life or even scarier – it is their social life.  I try to go to 1 maybe 2 events a year. CodeMash the last couple of years, but I was pretty disappointed last year and probably will be taking a year off.


  • Microsoft announced WebSiteSpark – pretty cool, but does anyone really pay for Visual Studio anyways?


  • Joel Spolsky rips/digs at TDD again, it’s pretty amusing to watch the TDD people get pissed. I agree about Duct Tape Programmers




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63 thoughts on “Weekly Bits #1

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