wii Review & cracked HDTV

So we finally bought a next gen gaming console.  We ended up going with the wii over xbox 360, and lastly Playstation 3.  We already have an xbox with at least 30 games that my 5 year plays with a passion.  Seriously, this kid will kick your butt in most games.  I use to be a Madden champion but he beats the old man on a regular schedule these days.  He has really gotten into First Person Shooter games and the wife and I thought it would be a good idea to steer him away from the shooter games at this stage.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely one of those Americans who clutch to my guns and religion in tough times and I’m not much for sheltering or parental control over real world violence but getting the kid back to the fun games is a good idea.

The bottom line is the wii is awesome.  It’s complete family fun, my wife loves tennis and bowling, its the first time she has ever got excited over a video game.  The soon to be coming wii fit looks right up her alley too.  Nick (5 year old) has been playing baseball & golf non stop.  I think it really helps his hand eye coordination too.  We got Guitar Hero too and it’s a complete hit for everyone, including the 2 year old who is training for Dancing with Stars apparently. If you are looking for some good family fun or a great party entertainer, the wii is it.

036The bad news.  No matter how many times you tell a kid something, sometimes they have to learn the hard way.  This morning while playing wii boxing, Nick let the remote slip and a crack, busted, non repairable LCD HDTV is what we have now.  Of course he didn’t have the wrist strapped on.  We told him x amount of times last night, “You have to wear the strap.”  I have to take some of the blame though, I didn’t set the best example, several times not strapping in.  Lesson learned for the both us, the hard way of course.


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15 thoughts on “wii Review & cracked HDTV

  1. Ouch! Big time ouch on the cracked LCD…I feel your pain. I personally have never had this happen, but I can only imagine. Seems that Nintendo put those straps on there for a reason…nice job, Dad!

  2. Holy crap. I think I’m going to duct tape the controller to my daughter’s arm from now on. And you just bought that Wii like two days ago.

    Although, if you were really looking to upgrade the HDTV then I commend your ingenuity. Bravo sir.

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  5. I’m currently deciding which console to go for, Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360… ps3 is out of the question for me in terms of price.

    Just bought an LG scarlet (url in my name) and am looking to test out its capabilities with a new console

    any suggestions?S

  6. This happened to me on Sunday night: Went to a friend’s house to play Wii Bowling and ended up releasing the controller directly into the front pin displayed on his Sony LCD HDTV, cracking it and rendering it useless. Any ideas on whether this is repairable? I’m planning to cough up the 1800 bucks to buy him a new one tonight.


  7. one other comment I would make is that as you know LCD and plasma tv’s really break easily. They arent like the old picture tubes where you could basically throw a brick at them. Even a light hit by a toy will crack the screens making them worthless. My suggestion is to pick up a screen protector for the tv before an “Accident” happens. I bought one a few weeks ago from a place called tv armor.


    So far so good.. Hopefully the kids wont take it as a challenge:)

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