The Podcast List

I love podcast, I listen to them on the commute to and from work. But, good podcast are hard to find, really hard to find. Below is my list of the top ten podcast. Updated on 2-17-06.

Hanselminutes – Scott Hanselman a ASP.NET Guru dives weekly into a range of technology.

TWIT – A weekly podcast about the week in technology held in a roundtable type discussion.

Web Developers Radio – Bi monthly podcast that focuses primarliy on the LAMP stack

IT Conversations – Not a weekly podcast I listen to. In fact, this is a podcast I

Inside the Net – Amber Mac and Leo from Twit interview tech leaders.

Venture Voice – Greg Galant podcast that explores how entrepreneurs build their businesses and live their lives. His voice is a bit geeky but his the substance makes up for it.

.NET Rocks – Put on by A good podcast usually about .net technology.

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