2014-5-6 4 Hour Body / Paleo Day In Review

Breakfast:  2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon

Lunch: 2 bowls of chili, 1 side salad with normal amount of cesar dressing

Dinner: 1 round steak, black beans, guacamole, hot sauce

Supplements: ammino acid, generic vitamin, fiber, garlic, omega 3

Drink: 1 cup of coffee (soy creamer), 5 glasses of ice water

Diet Grade: A.  I guess only the ceaser dressing was a short coming…

Workout: Insanity Pure Cardio


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54 thoughts on “2014-5-6 4 Hour Body / Paleo Day In Review

  1. So let’s be honest, I was not exactly excited to start any kind of nutrition challenge in May. I normally eat a stable 80/20 diet, just a few sandwiches and junk here and there, and I am fine with that. Everyone had been telling me about the Bergkirchweih, and a good friend was coming to visit this month. Why not wait for a time with no tests, no birthdays, and no trips to exotic holiday locations on the calendar? Keep waiting, right? And besides, I have done the “whole 30” before and know the physiological effects. My blood profile would improve and body fat would decrease a small amount, even though my weight may stay the same. Now all those things are great.

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