Export Surround SCM settings

Changing computers is a drag, you have to get your data to the new machine, programs installed, and settings transferred.  If you are using Surround SCM (and why wouldn’t you), here is the way you can export and import your settings.

Start –> Run –> “regedit”

Navigate to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SOFTWARE->Seapine Software->Surround SCM->SCM Client

Right click the SCM Client folder and click “Export”.  Save this file locally and then move the file over to your new PC.  After installing Surround SCM on your new machine, click this registry file and install.  You should now have settings (including window positions) transferred over.


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Daily Find #64

Jeff writes about SCM tools and auto notifications – Push verse Pull technologies

Scott Gu Links List for April 28.

Drupal Modules – Ranting and Rankings of Drupal Plugins. via John Berns

ASP.NET MVC books coming your way

Are you a Linked in Whore? – My thoughts exactly

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wii Review & cracked HDTV

So we finally bought a next gen gaming console.  We ended up going with the wii over xbox 360, and lastly Playstation 3.  We already have an xbox with at least 30 games that my 5 year plays with a passion.  Seriously, this kid will kick your butt in most games.  I use to be a Madden champion but he beats the old man on a regular schedule these days.  He has really gotten into First Person Shooter games and the wife and I thought it would be a good idea to steer him away from the shooter games at this stage.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely one of those Americans who clutch to my guns and religion in tough times and I’m not much for sheltering or parental control over real world violence but getting the kid back to the fun games is a good idea.

The bottom line is the wii is awesome.  It’s complete family fun, my wife loves tennis and bowling, its the first time she has ever got excited over a video game.  The soon to be coming wii fit looks right up her alley too.  Nick (5 year old) has been playing baseball & golf non stop.  I think it really helps his hand eye coordination too.  We got Guitar Hero too and it’s a complete hit for everyone, including the 2 year old who is training for Dancing with Stars apparently. If you are looking for some good family fun or a great party entertainer, the wii is it.

036The bad news.  No matter how many times you tell a kid something, sometimes they have to learn the hard way.  This morning while playing wii boxing, Nick let the remote slip and a crack, busted, non repairable LCD HDTV is what we have now.  Of course he didn’t have the wrist strapped on.  We told him x amount of times last night, “You have to wear the strap.”  I have to take some of the blame though, I didn’t set the best example, several times not strapping in.  Lesson learned for the both us, the hard way of course.

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Daily Find #61

I’m just glad I’m not in Ely Minnesota today, they are getting 10-15 inches of freaking snow!  It’s April 25!  My guys Bret & Jim must be suffering today 🙂

Jeff is blogging now about Surround SCM.

AjaxControlToolkit TabContainer Theme Gallery

Changing & Customizing your Mouse Buttons Actions with X-Mouse Button Control

Microsoft about to go hostile on Yahoo! – Been waiting to see this 🙂

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Daily Find #56

Enabling .htaccess in OS X – This almost drove me up a wall yesterday.

Using Django with Google Apps Engine

Extract Hard Coded Strings to Resource Files

TIOBE Programming Community Index for April 2008 – A ranking of popularity amount programming languages.

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HSBC – time to get new servers

I really like HSBC, they have a nice UI interface, you can easily setup re-occuring transfers, their customer support is good, and they offer a competitive rate savings interest rate.  That being said, man their servers are dead slow.  This isn’t the first time either, it’s an almost every other time thing when I try to hit their website. Anyone else have issues trying to get to a HSBC web site? When I do a tracert the problem is clearly on their end.  For a company that most of their customers access via the web, this isn’t good at all.  I’m thinking about moving over to ING Direct.


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Great Financial Quote

You gotta love this quote about the recent Stock Market surge:

"The reason we’ve rallied the last three or four days is people are saying ‘Hey, even if this paper is worth less than people think, the Fed is willing come in a buy it at some level,’" said Charlie Smith, chief investment officer at Fort Pitt Capital Group.

I am so much more optimistic about our economy now 🙂


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Ruby on Rails for Windows Developers

Until IronRuby comes out 100% I’m going to be diving into RoR.  It’s obvious RoR was constructed by *nix people so I’m hoping I’m not making it even harder on myself by trying to do this on Windows but here goes anyways.

Resources I’ve Found:


RailsOnWindows – Start here…

O’Reilly ONLamp.com – Step by Step from installing Ruby to MySQL and so on.

Instant Rails – one stop Rails runtime solution, includes Ruby, Rails, Apache, MySQL all preconfigured to run

RubyStack – Another click installer that brings over Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache

Installing Rails on Windows, Step by Step Tutorial


RadRails – Windows IDE for Rails, Dave likes.

Mondrian Ruby IDE

Arachno Ruby IDE

Ruby In Steel – Plugin for Visual Studio




Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

SitePoint Tutorial – Sitepoint always does a nice job

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Joining The Lounge

So it’s official, I’m now part of the advertising network,  The Lounge.  James Avery has put together some great blogs in the .NET Small Publishers Room that I’m now apart of so I’ll be ramping up the quality and quantity of post here to stay up with these guys.  It’s a great opportunity for advertisers to get in front of developers/IT in a cost effective and most importantly (too me anyway’s) a measurable medium.  More details here, don’t wait to sign up I hear the room is filling up quickly.

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WTF/Minute Code Reviews

via http://www.osnews.com/story/19266/WTFs_m

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