Stored Procedures vs Ad Hoc SQL

Stored procedures debate from my point of view:

Pros of using Stored Procedures

  • Cleaner code.  Thousand lines of logic and sql statements can be traded in for hundreds.
  • Push more work to someone else besides developer.  If you have a dedicated DB guy, this can really help in your timing. 
  • Put much more logic into Stored Procedure then Ad Hoc SQL
  • Faster. Ok, maybe a little bit, but with processing power and RAM does this really matter anymore?
  • Permissions are centralized and encompassed.
  • Trips to the database server can be reduced.

Cons of using Stored Procedures

I’m not entirely sure which side of the fence I lie.  Right now I’m more comfortable with not using stored procedures because of the maintenance factor.  I really think LINQ is going to make stored procedures deprecated.

.NET specific – Here is a nice line of code to keep around when working with stored procedures that I end up using when getting the the dreaded “Parameters do not match” error.  You can put this on your datasource Inserting Event.

For x As Integer = 0 To e.Command.Parameters.Count – 1





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19 thoughts on “Stored Procedures vs Ad Hoc SQL

  1. You can create test harnesses to test/debug the procs. And if you include tons of commmented out tests in the harness, you can easily retest portions as needed. Stored procs should contain an error handling routine that passes back something better than 512.

    Embrace it, logic in the database is a good thing.

  2. Stored procedures are naturally resistant to SQL injection malicious attacks. Rolling your own is not. Of course, if your queries are not dependent on (possibly malicious) user input, this is moot.

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